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Meet the Business owner Steve Ross
Steve grew up in Carlsbad, surfing and diving the local beaches and developed a love of the ocean and aquatic life. That greatly influenced an early interest in aquariums and aquatic husbandry, which developed into a will in the mid 80's to create an ideal aquarium filtration system. There were no quality filters available commercially at that time, which led him through trial and error to develop a successful and reliable design of his own.  Word got around and he was hired to build customized versions of that design for local aquarium stores and enthusiasts.
History: Established in 1989
Aquaman Aquarium Services was established in 1989 to facilitate the sale and installation of custom designed filters and aquariums. It quickly grew to provide routine aquarium service and maintenance of residential and business aquariums, as well as cleaning services for local fish stores. We are now a complete resource for every aspect of aquarium design, construction, installation, maintenance, or livestock procurement.  We are your one-stop-shop without leaving your home!
We work with your schedule and come to your home or place of business to provide knowledgeable, reliable, quality work. We are experts in saltwater reef and fish and in maintaining aquarium systems and filtration. We specialize in the design, fabrication and service of Sand Diego County's premier residential and commercial aquariums and supportive systems.
Typical service visits include 30% water change, gravel vacuuming, algae scrubbing, filter cleaning, water testing, consultation, supplies/food restocking as well as fish/livestock delivery and acclimation.

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